As a wellness coach, I help individuals 40 and over become empowered by providing coaching services that focus on encouraging physical activity as a catalyst to take action and engage areas of their lives they once thought were dead and gone. 

As your destiny helper, I see things in a fresh, new way and help change your approach or perspective to life. My goal is to help you successfully move to the next place in your life. 

Let’s face it!


Your life is changing. 

Through the years, maybe you have felt forced to choose between your responsibilities versus self-care, fun, creativity, social interactions, or those things you once loved.  

You get the picture! Think about it.

What have you given up?

You’ve got a little older. 


Vintage, baby! 

Maybe the kids are starting to move on or even out.

Now you are left with either just yourself or you and your significant other or fur baby. 

Go grab a tissue because this is where it gets a little sad. Unfortunately, they don’t need you anymore! 

Unless, of course, they need some money. Ha! 


But seriously, not meaning to be cruel, but priorities are changing, and you have to change with them. 

Maybe you’ve started thinking about all those things that you put off for “them” or for the sake of your responsibilities. And maybe you’ve thought that you’re too old to skydive or climb Mount Fuji or start that business. Who said that?? 

Think about those dreams deferred, places you’ve wanted to go, or things you’ve wanted to do. 

I can help you get there!

Whether in your professional or personal life, everyone has something to work on. I provide wellness coaching that unlocks your potential and sets you on the journey towards your destiny. Individuals become empowered to look at critical aspects of their life, take action and change what they once believed was unchangeable.

I specialize in helping people like you overcome the mental blockers keeping you from accomplishing your goals and living a legendary life.

It’s never too late!

It’s time to take all those hard-earned lessons and awesome past experiences. 

Let’s make this next part of your life,

the best part of your life!

Ready to start a new journey?

Let me show you how wellness coaching can help! Contact me today to schedule your free online coaching consultation.
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