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I'm kisha.

wellness coach and destiny helper.

I help individuals become empowered by providing coaching services that focus on encouraging physical activity as a catalyst to take action and engage areas of their lives they once thought were dead and gone. 

Why Destiny Helper?



I specialize in helping people achieve overall well-being goals in any one of the six dimensions of wellness: Spiritual, Financial, Physical, Mental, Intellectual, & Occupational.

I believe that HELP is a life changer. Mixed with some great timing, encouragement, and resources, I help individuals achieve what they once thought was unattainable. With a bit of help, they are ushered towards their destiny.

Work with me.

1:1 coaching

Everyone has behaviors that hold them back. For example, are you trying to lose weight or begin a new workout plan? Maybe you need support forming new and better habits. What about mental blockers that keep you from getting over the hump in your business? My goal is to increase your confidence and make you feel empowered in every part of your life. I am here to help unlock your potential, enhance how you live, and bring all the pieces together.

group coaching

Making the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do. Sometimes being with other like-minded individuals, is just the push you need to get you over the hump. So, no matter where you are in your journey, get ready for group sessions of self-discovery and tools to get you over the hump!

corporate packages

No organization is like others. That's why I provide virtual and live Team Building Sessions. I deliver engaging and fun-filled wellness sessions designed to equip corporate teams and employees with the tools to tackle stress, anxiety, work-life imbalance, and lowered productivity by adopting individualized and effective wellness practices. In addition, these sessions provide a plethora of information focusing on mindfulness, movement, and meditation to promote overall wellbeing to help your team thrive.

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Let me show you how wellness coaching can helP YOU! 

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